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Dear clients, let us will excuse this way the quality of the product labels. Due to the gradual transition to a completely new type of packaging of product package it is only a temporary condition.
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Starting today we are shipping EFFECTIVE STAR EXTRA STRONG, #5718, with a blue bottle cap. Currently we are already working on a brand new packaging so hopefully you will excuse this temporary color mismatch :-)
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Following product have changes in color or size of their form (tbl, sfg, cps); content of active ingredients and prices remain unchanged:
  • ACEROLA STAR, #1000
  • ALFALFA, #2701
  • ANIMAL STAR, #6146
  • ANTI-PARASITE, #1100
  • BARLEY STAR, #7105
  • FIBER STAR, #1400
  • GINKGO STAR, #7162 (both forms in stock yet)
  • CHLOROPHYLL, #2709
  • RESPIRAL, #2738
  • ROYAL WALNUT, #2737
  • VITAMIN C 1000, #7303
  • VITAMIN E STAR, #7305

  • Change of PV and price takes place in GOLD STAR, #1860:
    60 cps => 90 cps
    22 PV => 40 PV
    30,80 € => 56 € / £ 24,60 => £ 44,80 / $38,50 => $70
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    Operating time during Christmas and at the turn of the year 2014 – 2015

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    Change in GOTU KOLA

    Product GOTU KOLA, #2723 changes from tablet to capsule. Active ingredients, package size and price remain unchanged.
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    Change in ALOE VERA GEL

    Product ALOE VERA GEL, #1124 changes the color of the softgels. Active ingredients, softgels size, packaging and price remain unchanged.
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    Other products in stock

    Other products in stock
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    Products in stock

    Products in stock
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    We are just launching sale of new cosmetic line STARLIFE ARGAN LINE - the products are in our stock and ready to be dispatched immediately!
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    We are launching STARLIFE VIDEO STREAM. It is an electronic news channel, that will take place every 11th day of each month and its form will always grow in terms of quality. We will always unveil one GREAT news = now we are focused on new line of cosmetics products ARGAN LINE, which you can use as a perfect Christmas gift. You can find STARLIFE VIDEO STREAM on our website in DOCUMENTS section (login required).
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    COOL NEWS FOR YOU: You can use LONGEVITY 65 in 10/2014 until 25th october 2014 (not only until 15th october 2014).



    eliminates stress

    Enlarge picture TREND RELAX

    60 tbl
    Code: 7292
    Price: 15,40 £
    Stock availability:
    In stock

    Cell harmonizers
    Body care, Hair care
    Dental care
    Watches, clocks
    Printed materials

    Product is suitable for athletes

    • helps with insomnia
    • reduces problems during menopause
    • eliminates fatigue due to work overload
    • reduces gastric and intestinal neurosis
    • reduces cardiac anxiety and palpitation
    • reduces nervous irritability and migraines

    TREND RELAX is a combination of extracts from medicinal herbs, showing a generally calming (sedative) effect. It can eliminate fear and psychical tension and relax the skeletal muscles. It also contains valerian, which is one of the most popular plants used by people suffering from nervous disorders, anxiety and insomnia. Chinese physicians also administer it in cases of injuries, flu, and rheumatism. Besides that, TREND RELAX contains terpenes, which show sedative effects and can be used for the treatment of anxieties, overexcitement, low performance, fatigue, preoccupation, lack of concentration, and poor memory. It is also used in mild forms of insomnia, and for the treatment of headaches occurring due to mental stress. It eliminates recurrent “pressing thoughts” and meditation. TREND RELAX is used in cases of insomnia and irritability, and in painful erection of the penis without any sexual feelings. It is especially useful in fatigue, occurring in combination with nervous tension, headaches and lack of appetite

    Recommended dosage
    1 tablet twice a day.

    Valeriana officinalis (Valerian, root), Passiflora incarnata (Passion Flower, flower), Apium graveolens (Celery, seed), Nepeta cataria (Catnip, leaf), Humulus lupulus (Hops, flower), Citrus sinensis (dried orange peel extract).

    It is not designed for children, pregnant and nursing women. Contains allergenic ingredients: celery and celery products.

    This page has been started on June 17th 2014.

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    With the product TREND RELAX I have a great experience. Years ago I have constant problems with stress and overworking. After I started using this product all that went away in like dust. I recommended this product to all my friends who have similar problems. Everyone that started using this product on my recommendation gets the same positive feedback and results as me. You don't even have to take it regularly. Just take it when you are in a tough time. I can recommend this really to everyone.
    Tags: stresfatiguenervous tension
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    If you need a qualified advice about TREND RELAX effects, send a query to STARLIFE Medical Council. It will be processed by professionals with many years of experience with our products.
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